Getting Rid Of The Fat

This article was published on 1/20/2020

Fat shots.  So many thoughts on how to fix this…and here’s another.

If you thought the above image shows a ball teed up for a driver swing, you’d be correct.  But by pushing the tee into the ground with the ball elevated 1/4″, you have solved a fat shot situation.  More on that in a moment.

When it comes to longer drives, the new technology available to golfers today is designed to help them get as much distance as possible from their swing.  The problem is that we as golfers don’t know how to swing easy, we’re always swinging our fastest hoping for as much distance as possible.

With a driver we can usually recover from such a swing because the call is teed so high.  However, with an iron this swing style often results in getting stuck behind the ball – hence, a fat shot.

The drill to fix this was described earlier, set up as if you are going to hit your driver – ball teed high and off the big toe of your lead foot.  Now, push the tee in the ground until it sticks out 1/4″ and grab a mid iron.  With the ball in the same position as you have for your drive, take an iron, address the middle of your stance and hit take a swing – hitting the ball first.  It may take several attempts to slow down and get it right, but when you’ve done it right a few times you will have ‘accidentally’ learned how to properly turn back and around your spine.  When your comfortable, move the ball off the tee and to the center of your stance and start the same process.  You will realize cleaner, straighter strikes with added distance.

You’re welcome 😉