You’ve Heard Of Feel, But Really ~ What Is It?

As a teaching professional that spends 40+ hours a week on the driving range, I see a multitude of different swings.  Golfers of all shapes and sizes with swings just as different, typically utilizing their range time to practice a swing that generates maximum distance, with little concern of direction. More importantly, utilizing the lion share of that time to work on distance with their driver.

The reality is that you’ll rarely have a shot requiring the maximum distance of any club you are swinging.  In fact, because each iron is ½” longer from one to the next and 4* stronger in loft, you’re going to have approximately a 10 yd gap in between each club.  You’ll have a tough time dropping strokes if you don’t know how to use those ’10 yards’.

Rarely do I see these golfers trying to teach themselves finesse or feel.

How do I find feel?  Start here ~Lets say, with a typical swing, your average distance with your 7i is 150 yds.  Assuming you practice at a range that has targets as close as 50 yds, try using your 7i to hit them all.  I appreciate you probably wouldn’t use your 7i for these shots AND it may seem like a waste of the limited time you have to practice at the range, however, it might just be some of the best learning time you’ve had in a while.

By intentionally hitting shots that are less than full distance, you will learn how to use your core to swing and control club speed, accommodating the different distances.  This is one way you learn to better utilize your iron’s potential and ultimately, have better feel and finesse around the greens.