Simplify Your Short Game Shots

When you miss a green in a round of golf, you are presented with a multitude of possible situations that you will need to recover from to score your best.  Some are fairly simple while some seem complex and very difficult.  The reality, however, is that most short game situations are recoverable if you can look at the shot with the right perspective.

It is true that you must practice a lot to have great touch around the greens, but there is actual simplicity to virtually all short game shots. The key is to focus on what you can control in short game shots rather than what is outside of your control.

You are 100% in control of the distance the ball travels from the club head to the landing spot. You are NOT fully in control of what happens after impact when the ball bounces and rolls to its stopping point. I find that most players focus way too much on what the ball might do after it lands, and really never get their attention on where the ball actually needs to land for the shot to roll up close to the hole.

When you distract yourself by worrying about what the ball might do, you will be far more likely to do what most people call “looking up” and mis-hit your shot.

Instead, I would recommend that you do your best to keep your focus on hitting the most solid shot you can to your landing area and nothing else. True, you may be wrong or misjudge the roll out from time to time, but it is never a bad shot when you do as you intend!